Don Lemon on Friday Night News Dump: Maybe Trump ‘Can’t Stand Not Being the Lead Story’


CNN’s Don Lemon discussed with one of his panels Friday night why it is the White House decided on a news dump during hurricane watch.

He said to Brian Stelter, “There’s a reason they did a news dump on a Friday night, but not only that, with a category 4 hurricane barreling off the coast of Texas.”

Stelter said Sebastian Gorka leaving the White House––and his critical resignation letter––may have been a reason. He went on to make this observation:

“This hurricane is hurting and killing people right now along the coast of Texas. And the White House is… I don’t want to say focusing, they can do multiple things at once, but why in the world would you announce this when FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security are supposed to be focusing on this storm? Why would the President want to divert even one minute of attention away from the flooding, away from the collapsed buildings in Rockport, away from the emergency on the coast of Texas.”

Lemon responded, “We saw it earlier this week in Phoenix, because it’s all about him.”

Stelter said, “Is that the answer? That’s gonna be sad in a couple of days when we start to see just how bad it is on the Texas coast.”

There’s been some suggestion that the Joe Arpaio pardon was meant as a distraction, but CNN national security analyst Juliette Kayyem offered this different take:

“I don’t think this is a news dump. I think the sheriff story is something that the President very much wanted us to be talking about, because I think it’s a signal to people about what kind of law enforcement he wants, it’s a signal about pardoning, and it’s a signal about his priorities right now. I think he anticipated we were talking about it. I would definitely prefer to have a President who was only focused on the category 4 hurricane, but I believe he knew… I think he knows how we would react.”

Lemon said, “Maybe he can’t stand not being the lead story.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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