Don Lemon Rips Trump Over Race: ‘So Obvious It Isn’t Even a Dog Whistle Anymore’

As one would expect, much of the cable news conversation on Tuesday night centered on President Donald Trump’s decision to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). With 800,000 young immigrants now facing uncertain futures and the potential of deportation down the road, the airwaves were full of strong opinions on the matter.

During a CNN panel discussion, CNN anchor Don Lemon just let it rip, tearing into the president and his administration over their handling of racial issues while further pointing out that this White House has engaged in “gaslighting” when it comes to race.

After political analyst David Gergen gave a harsh assessment of the administration, stating that he agreed with Barack Obama that ending DACA was “cruel” and claiming that the White House is telling non-white people they aren’t welcome, Lemon then weighed in with his own take.

“I asked the question at the beginning of the show, what does this say to Americans of color?” Lemon declared. “What you said, you’re not wanted. I can speak to that and I spoke to it during the election.”

The CNN host noted that some people were upset with him for comments he made about Trump in the past on issues of race, indicating that a Trump adviser once told him that a speech Trump gave on race actually wasn’t about race.

“This whole gaslighting that’s come to so many issues, especially racial issues, it’s so obvious it isn’t even a dog whistle anymore,” Lemon exclaimed.

He continued, “It’s just flat out bias, flat out discrimination that they’re touting coming to this white house. if you don’t want to listen to the words, just look at the policies.”

In the wake of the president’s highly criticized “both sides” Charlottesville response, Lemon called out Trump for showing who he really is while ripping POTUS’s Phoenix speech in which Trump justified the remarks, calling it “unhinged.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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