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Drunken Bachelorette Contestant Won’t Back Down from Tasteless Rape Remark

bachelorette_idiotIf you happened to watch this week’s premiere of ABC’s The Bachelorette Season 11, you were treated to one of the most loathsome male contestants in any reality TV setting, apparently.

Self-styled amateur “actor and comedian” Ryan McDill got massively drunk from the moment he entered the Sex House (or whatever they call the home where all the contestants congregate) and proceeded to grope one bachelorette and pick fights with several other male contestants who confront him for his erratic behavior.

During one argument with another muscular bro, McDill shouted, “Why am I not raping you right now?”

Now that he’s sober and off the show (he was booted minutes after that comment), does McDill regret any of his actions?

“I wasn’t blacked out and knew exactly what I was doing,” he told TMZ, claiming that his “rape” line was just a colloquial way of communicating to another testosterone-filled meat-sack that he wants to physically assault him.

“People need to get off their high horse,” he added. “It was awesome and entertaining.”

And his message for Bachelorette producers: My antics were “the only reason the first episode was the s**t.”

Sounds like a stellar guy.

Watch the infamous clip below:

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