Et Tu, Mitt? Romney Tells Wolf Blitzer He Would Vote For Ron Paul Over Obama

Wolf Blitzer‘s series of interviews with the Iowa frontrunners continued today with an exclusive look into the campaign lifestyle of Mitt Romney, in which the candidate detailed some more of his plan to gain traction and fight off his fellow Republican hopefuls. Blitzer ran him through several questions he gave Newt Gingrich the day before– particularly whether he would find himself voting Republican in November should Rep. Ron Paul win the nomination. Romney’s answer differed significantly from Gingrich’s.

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Asked directly whether he could vote for Rep. Paul as a Republican nominee in the general election, Romney responded that he had “already crossed that river, if you will, by saying on stage a number of times… that all of the people on stage would be superior to the President we have.” Blitzer reminded Romney of some of Rep. Paul’s foreign policy positions, particularly that he was comfortable with Iran developing nuclear capabilities and did not see it as an existential threat to Israel. “I don’t agree with a lot of the things Ron Paul says,” Romney clarified, but “this is not a race about people on the stage who I don’t think should be the nominee– my race is about making me the nominee!”

Romney’s answer via CNN below:

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