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Ex-Hillary Aide On Warren Exit: Men Should Push For Women To Lead, Not Just When They Get Daughters And Discover ‘Women Are People’

Zerlina Maxwell, who worked as director of progressive media for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, claimed Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) would have done better in the 2020 Democratic primaries if “she were a man,” on MSNBC, Thursday, and encouraged men to say publicly that they would like to see women in positions of power.

“She would have done much better if she were a man,” proclaimed Maxwell. “And I say that because it’s not just that her campaign was explicitly feminist in terms of the progressive positions on policy. She hired feminists, black ones, and I think that that got lost in the conversation because there’s so much focus on the principle and the candidates themselves.”

“But the make up of your staff is a reflection of how you value those constituencies. If you hire all white male consultants, you are going to have plenty of blind spots for lived experiences that are not white and male,” she continued, adding, “I think that this is a moment where we really have to take a deep look into the cultural reasons why this is happening.”

“This doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with any of the specific mistakes Elizabeth Warren made because Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders made plenty of those and they are still in the race. I think that women, they do not have as much space to make those mistakes,” Maxwell said. “They are taxed more when they make mistakes, and it’s harder for them to gain traction and fundraising and organizing.”

Maxwell then called on men to stop relegating women to the number two position.

“I find it interesting, mostly men say this and it’s not because I’m on set with two men and it’s not you guys, but we have never had a woman president, and for some reason it seems like only women are concerned about this fact,” she said, passionately. “I would like more men to be vocal about the fact that they want to see women in positions of leadership. Don’t say, ‘Oh well, we can just pick Kamala as the vice president.’ Why does a woman have to settle for the number two job in 2020? That’s all I have to say about that.”

After MSNBC anchor Craig Melvin said he would like to see women in positions of leadership, Maxwell responded, “It’s important that you say that. You articulate it, you vocalize it. You don’t have to support Elizabeth Warren. I didn’t support any candidate in this race… I want more men to do what you just did, which is say, ‘I would like to see women in positions of leadership,’ and not just when they get daughters and discover that women are people.”

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