‘F*ck Those F*cking Assholes’: John Oliver Takes on DOJ’s Ferguson Report

Before moving on to an in-depth examination of voting rights for U.S. territories, John Oliver opened Last Week Tonight on Sunday by sharing his take on the Ferguson Police Department after the Justice Department put out its damning report: “Fuck those fucking assholes.”

“I don’t think anyone was truly surprised by the content of that report,” Oliver said. “In fact, you needed to read that report the same way you needed to read the reviews of Mordecai. You knew the verdict would be terrible, it was just which particular words they chose to use.”

In response to Ferguson Mayor James Knowles, who said the racist emails sent between cops were “in no way representative” of his city, Oliver asserted, “They couldn’t be more representative of Ferguson city employees if their signature said, ‘Sent from the very core of who I am as a person.'”

Watch video below, via HBO:

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