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Former Iran Hostage: Not Passing Iran Deal Would Be ‘Devastating’ for Hostages

HostageFormer Iran hostage Sarah Shourd said on CNN that the nuclear deal was a great one, and that if it failed to pass Congress, the effect on Iran’s current hostages would be “devastating.”

Shourd, now a San Francisco-based activist, told CNN’s Carol Costello that the hostages were likely closely following the negotiations. “They know that their situation is carefully calibrated with the temperature of U.S./Iran relations. They just don’t know if this means they’re going to get out tomorrow, or if there’s something else that’s going to block that.”

“But this deal is a really good deal, and it’s going to ease tension on both sides,” she said. “The most important part of it is that personally, for me, is that it decreases the incentive of the Iranian government to use the tactic of holding Americans hostage in the future.”

“What if lawmakers refuse to endorse the deal?” asked Costello.

“That would be devastating for the Americans being held there,” Shourd responded. “And these men have done nothing wrong. Maybe that doesn’t need to be stated. but just to reinforce it.”

She added that the United States has “a degree of responsibility” for the hostages’ situation, “because this hostility has been going on between our governments for decades, and so many people have suffered in the balance.

Watch, via CNN:

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