Fox & Friends Guest: Bombs Sent to Dems Could Be ‘Left Wing Operation’ to Convince Undecided Voters in Midterms

This week, a spate of guests on Fox & Friends have floated the idea that the bombs sent to prominent Democrats was a false flag operation to get out the vote in the midterms. Sometimes, the show’s hosts have pushed back on that speculation.

On Friday, they appeared to invite someone on for the purpose of spouting that theory.

“You say that you can not rule out a false flag operation, what leads you to believe that?” Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade asked former FBI agent Brad Jenkins.

Jenkins pointed out that none of the devices detonated, and that there’s no confirmation from law enforcement that they were “rigged and ready to go.”

He offered two possibilities:

“One, we have the worst right-wing bomb maker in history, or we have a false flag operation, where it’s a left-wing type of operation to create hysteria and to play on the hearts and minds of those who would be independents of undecideds come the midterm.”

Jenkins did not allow for the possibility that the bomber is a right wing operation seeking to create hysteria with devices not necessarily made to explode.

His claim that the bomber is looking to get out the vote before the midterms is one that a series of talking heads on the network have embraced since bombs were sent to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Robert De Niro, CNN’s headquarters, and others.

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