Fox & Friends

Fox & Friends Anchor Knocks Emmys For Not Inviting ‘Syrian Refugees in Tuxes’

TheBlaze’s Lawrence Jones: Liberals Are Busing in ‘Leftist Agitators’ to Create ‘Chaos’ at Protests

Ex-Baseball Star Johnny Damon, Who Stumped for Trump, Says Sports Should Stay Out of Politics

Tomi Lahren Rails on Protestors of a Ben Shapiro Speech — That Mostly Occurred Without Incident

Ex-Sheriff Clarke Dismisses Jemele Hill as a ‘Back Bencher’ Who is Just Trying to Get Attention

Fox & Friends: Maybe Trump Wall Was ‘Symbolic’

Fox & Friends: Trump’s Reported DACA Deal Makes ‘Republicans in Congress Look Really Bad’

Trump’s Evangelical Adviser Robert Jeffress: God is Not ‘An Open Borders Guy’

Ben Shapiro Declares The Left Doesn’t Listen to Opposing Views…on Fox & Friends

Newt Gingrich Sounds The Alarm: Trump ‘Floundering’ Tax Cuts No Sure Bet

On 9/11 Anniversary, Fox & Friends Asks if People Will Someday Try to Remove 9/11 Memorials

Geraldo: Trump Changed his Mind on DACA After Seeing My Plea on Fox & Friends

Mulvaney: Trump’s Just as Frustrated with GOP Establishment as ‘Ordinary Republican’ Voters

Steve Doocy: Trump’s Debt Deal with Dems Reveals ‘There are Now Three Parties’ in D.C.

Fox & Friends Proves Scarborough Wrong By Praising Trump For Debt Deal with Dems

Oops: Fox News Ticker Calls Chuck Schumer ‘Senate Majority Leader’

Scarborough Skeptical of Trump-Dem Deal: ‘He’ll Watch Fox & Friends This Morning and Tweet’

Mike Huckabee Mocks MSNBC DACA Coverage, Calls Ending Program ‘Incredibly Merciful’

Steve Doocy: Is Political Correctness to Blame For Super Mario Rebrand?

Fox News’ Clayton Morris Announces Today Is His Last Day, Gives Emotional Farewell

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