Fox & Friends Proves Scarborough Wrong By Praising Trump For Debt Deal with Dems

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When news broke that President Donald Trump cut a deal with Congressional Democratic leadership over raising the Debt Ceiling — and ostensibly funding emergency and humanitarian aid for Hurricane Harvey victims — there was a ripple in the political media world. An immediate question raised by this deal was “who will right of center media outlets side with over this: the White House or GOP leadership?”

Judging by the initial reaction on Fox & Friends — aka, the cable news show voted as “Most Loyal to the White House” by the senior class — it appears that co-host Steve Doocy, Ainsey Earhardt and Pete Hegseth are sitting at the Trump table at the cafeteria, leaving no seats for poor ‘Mitch M and Paul R.’

The Fox & Friends reaction to this deal is the opposite of what was predicted by morning show competitor Joe Scarborough, who expressed skepticism at Trump’s deal with the Dems this morning. Scarborough reacted to the deal news by saying “This all assumes that Donald Trump’s pivot is going to last longer than 12 hours,” adding  “I’m sure he’ll watch Fox & Friends this morning and tweet and destroy any gains that he made yesterday afternoon because they’ll be attacking him on Fox & Friends probably.” NOT SO JOE!

Why is this all interesting? Well the relationship between Capitol Hill Republicans and the White House has slowly and surely deteriorated since he took office, what with numerous failures and passing policy that both GOP politicians and the President ran on. Given this Debt Deal with Democrats development, it doesn’t appear that that relationship will be repairing any time soon.

Watch the clip courtesy of Fox News.

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