Fox News Will Reportedly Run Anti-Tax Reform Ad Featuring Tweeting Trump Impersonator

A new issue-oriented ad has entered the political fray and this version is a 30-second spot that aims to deride the GOP’s tax reform plans in an ad called “Billions.” It is paid for and produced by a progressive outfit called Not One Penny,  and AXIOS reports that tomorrow will start a “six-figure TV buy” that is set to appear mostly on Fox News, including President Donald Trump’s favorite morning program Fox & Friends.

The spot is a rather predictable running down of progressive complaints of tax breaks for the wealthy but features a rather stunning Trump look-alike wearing his familiar favorite golfing outfit of white polo, stone chinos, and red “Make America Great Again” hat. Oh, and he’s tweeting.

Issue-driven political advertising has been a part of our media landscape for some time, but the rise of cable news influence on the body politic –along with SuperPAC’s ridiculous amount of media buying dollars – has also brought about a sharp increase in commercials designed to influence public opinion on hot-button items and not aim solely to promote (or smear) a particular candidate.

Since cable news outlets are largely reliant on massive amounts of advertising revenue that underwrite their significant programming and production costs. So all three cablers have broadcast issue-oriented spots, even though they may flout political opinions one typically might see on opinion-based shows. California-based Billionaire Tom Steyer’s ad campaign promoting a call for impeaching Trump has been seen on all cablers until last month when Fox News pulled the campaign because of what they claimed to be viewer complaints.

It’s not clear yet if reports that Fox News will air this ad are correct, though this spot should be far less offensive to Fox News viewers than a strident call for impeachment. Mediaite has reached out to Fox News for comment and will update this post upon receiving a response.

Watch the video above, courtesy of YouTube.

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