Geraldo: Trump Changed his Mind on DACA After Seeing My Plea on Fox & Friends


In any other administration, we would ruthlessly mock any television personality taking credit for changing presidential policy via a recent TV appearance. But we are not living in normal times.

During an appearance on Fox & Friends this morning, Geraldo Rivera ostensibly took credit for changing the Trump administration’s position on DACA saying “In my own mind, my own heart, my old friend, the 45th president of the United States is watching “Fox and Friends,” heard my heartfelt plea and people like me rooting for him 100%, tell him this is a bad thing to do it have to rethink my relationship if he went down that road to be heartless and cruel.” 

Given what we know its not a crazy assertion. To wit:

– President Donald Trump campaigned hard on immigration reform and repeatedly told packed campaign rallies that he planned to end DACA.

– Trump is an avid viewer of cable news and has often lauded Fox & Friends as one of, if not the, favorite program of his.

– The President is so fond of the show that there is loads of circumstantial evidence that his words — especially those expressed via his Twitter feed — very often parrot segments that have just aired on Fox & Friends.

– Geraldo provided an impassioned pleas to his old NYC pal to show empathy for kids affected by DACA.

– President Trump appears to have had a change of heart on the issue, softening the stance with a tweet (at the behest of Nancy Pelosi)

To be fair, Geraldo hedged on his claim — let’s call it “rhetorical flourish” — adding, “I don’t know if I had any influence but I am delighted the president of the United States has done the right thing for these 800,000 comprehensively vetted young people all of whom have jobs come in the military or college. I think he did a wonderful wonderful thing.”

So was it crazy for Geraldo to take credit for this? No, in fact it’s quite logical. It may be a tad narcissistic to make such a claim, but show me one cable news talking head that isn’t afflicted with just enough narcissism to consistently share their opinions on the TeeVee.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News.

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