GOP Congressman Says It’s ‘Certainly Clear’ There Was a Quid Pro Quo with Trump And Ukraine


Republican Rep. Francis Rooney said it is “certainly clear” there was a quid pro quo for President Donald Trump to get Ukraine to investigate his political opponents.

“Whatever might have been gray and unclear before is certainly clear right now. That the actions were related to getting someone in the Ukraine to do these things, Rooney told CNN anchor Poppy Harlow Friday morning. “We’re not to supposed to use government power and prestige for political gain.”

However, Rooney held off on saying it was impeachable.

“I don’t know,” he said. “I want to study it more. I want to hear the next set of testimony next week from a couple more ambassadors. But it’s certainly very, very serious and troubling.”

“If that is what happened which the White House just laid out, what is the unknown for you still on that front?” Harlow pressed Rooney.

“The only unknown would be if this is such of gravitas, so grave and serious it rises to the level of impeachment,” Rooney said. “I’m very mindful of the fact during Watergate everybody said ‘oh it’s a witch hunt to get Nixon.’ Turns it wasn’t a witch hunt, it was absolutely correct. So I’m talking to everybody I can talk to to understand all this.”

Harlow asked him if he was ruling out impeachment.

“I don’t think you can rule anything out,” he responded.

Later on, Rooney also expressed agreement with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s comment to Trump about “all roads leading to Putin.”

“I was skeptical of it like most Republicans but I got to say this business about the Ukraine server, which no one heard about until it was mentioned recently, tells me ‘why are we trying to exculpate Russia?’ who all our trained intelligence officials have consistently corroborated that Russia was behind the election meddling, not the Ukraine,” Rooney said.

“Does she have a salient point when it comes to the president?” Harlow asked.

“She does have a point,” he said.

Watch above, via CNN.

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