Greta: Don Imus ‘Bitter and Mean Spirited,’ ‘Trying to Get Attention’


Don Imus‘ rough Monday continued as his colleague Greta Van Susteren took to scolding him online for words he said about Dana Perino last week.

For those who haven’t been looking at Mediaite’s front page today: Imus went on a tirade against Perino last week, one day after interviewing her. He alleged that she came into the studio with “an attitude,” and took issue with her “rehearsed talking points” and hesitance to answer his exact questions. The Imus in the Morning host was also apparently offended by Perino calling previous guest Dwight Yoakam her “warm-up act.”

“First of all, she was the [Bush White House] press secretary, that was a mercy move,” he said of Perino on Thursday. “Another no-talent loser. Honest to God. Are you kidding me? She sucks and her book sucks.” And on Monday, Imus briefly disclosed that his FBN show will end on May 29.

In response, Greta Van Susteren took to her blog to blast Imus for his treatment of Perino:

“Let me be the first to respond to this: Don Imus is bitter and mean spirited (maybe trying to get attention as his show ends May 29?),” she wrote. “I have no idea what provoked this — but it sure is nasty and unwarranted. It is not exactly the kind of legacy one wants to have as one leaves a show. Is this how he wants everyone to remember him? And Dana, as a true professional, should just ignore it.”

Fox Business Network has yet to confirm whether Imus is, indeed, going off-the-air on May 29. We will update accordingly.

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