Is Jared or Ivanka Going to Replace Nikki Haley at the U.N.? Here Are the Signs Pointing to Yes


In their joint announcement today, neither President Donald Trump nor former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley gave anything away about who will be replacing her at the U.N. … or did they?

A lot of people think they may have done just that, and the names floating around are Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump. Haley effusively praised them, especially Jared, referring to him as a “hidden genius.”

“Jared is such a hidden genius that no one understands,” said Haley. “What I have done working with him on the Middle East peace plan. it is so unbelievably well done.”

Ahead of the official statement on Haley’s resignation but after the news of it leaked, CNN had already floated the idea that Trump might want Ivanka in the job, noting that she has made many efforts to build communication between Trump and Democrats. And during the presser, Haley cited Kusher’s work on the new NAFTA deal, an international trade agreement the reworking of which involved not just diplomatic relations but negotiation.

Hmmm. Or as CNN’s Jake Tapper said by emoji:

That ? is regarding the tweet he’s retweeting, showing that Ivanka has started following a slew of Defense Department accounts on Twitter.

But it’s not just CNN pondering the notion.

There are many more examples, including on the cable news networks.

Susan Page, D.C. Bureau Chief for USA Today, said on MSNBC shortly after the presser, “So maybe Jared Kushner or Ivanka is going to be the new U.N. ambassador, with that big endorsement.” When rumors circulated in 2017 that Haley was considering leaving, Ivanka Trump was floated as a replacement.

The person who replaces Haley will have to be confirmed. If it were Jared or Ivanka, it hardly requires mentioning that waiting until after the election would be riskier than trying to cram it through now with a seated Republican majority. Which might answer the question about the timing of Haley’s announcement.

Jared Kusher, by the way, will be meeting with President Trump and Kanye West on Thursday of this week.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of CNN.

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