Jesse Watters Tells Jemele Hill to Stop Talking Politics Because ‘White Men’ Are ‘Her Core Base’

SportsCenter anchor Jemele Hill taking to Twitter to call President Donald Trump a “white supremacist” was like manna from heaven for Fox News this evening, as it fit right into their prime time programming. And wouldn’t you know it, Tucker Carlson started his program with the controversy, stating ESPN now stands for “endless stupid political nagging.”

Not to be outdone, The Five’s Jesse Watters decided to chastise Hill for expressing her political views as a black woman because ESPN’s core audience is white guys.

Yes, seriously, that is what he said.

“There’s a huge double standard. If a white anchor at ESPN had said that President Obama was a Black Panther and surrounded himself with racists, that person would be terminated in 24 hours. It’s also a horrible business decision because guess who watches ESPN. Men. Guess who else watches them. White men. I think Trump won 63% of the white male vote. So she’s alienating her core base. That would be like someone on BET out there proclaiming that Obama’s birth certificate was forged. It’s just an asinine business decision. It makes no sense to insult your audience like that.”

So there you go. According to Jesse Watters, you should only ever express the political opinions and views that the majority of your audience agrees with. Which, I guess, explains The Five.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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