John Avlon: Trump Has ‘Built a Big Beautiful Metaphor, That’s All the Wall Was’


Daily Beast EIC John Avlon commended President Donald Trump on building a “big beautiful metaphor” instead of a physical wall on the southern border while appearing on CNN Thursday morning.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo kicked off a Thursday morning segment of New Day on fresh word from the White House that apparently the wall Trump has promised since he descended the gilded escalators might actually be more of a “wall system.”

“This was a signature promise, that he and Bannon came up with, that really resonated with the base,” Cuomo noted, baffled that “somehow [Trump] gets a pass” for waffling on the wall.

“The wall itself is a ridiculous concept,” said CNN political analyst David Gregory, before actually defending Trump’s concessions on a border wall, arguing that it was always a “metaphor that he was willing to deal on.”

“If the wall ends up being something different, that’s ultimately a good thing, so that we don’t have big barriers on our southern border,” Gregory continued, noting the negotiations could work towards comprehensive immigration reform.

“So he’s built a big beautiful metaphor, that’s all the wall was,” Avlon said, before agreeing with Gregory that Trump could be moving towards bipartisan progress on immigration.

“This actually shows potentially an opening to get something done with Democrats,” Avlon added, “because if the issue is border security and not a border wall, you’ve got some room to work on something comprehensive.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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