comScore John Podesta on Ever-Changing Don Jr. Statement: ‘This is Trump Family Values’

John Podesta on Ever-Changing Don Jr. Statement: ‘This is Trump Family Values’

John Podesta appeared on CNN Wednesday to slam the Trump family over reports that the president personally dictated the misleading statement issued by his son, Don Jr., regarding his June 2016 meeting with Russians promising dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Alisyn Camerota kicked things off by playing a clip of press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders scolding the press for covering President Donald Trump’s campaign ties to Russia, instead of his defeated opponent Hillary Clinton.

“This is what they do, they try to divert attention,” Podesta said. In reference to the stories Sanders listed — including a crucial pillar of the administration narrative that the Clinton camp “colluded” with Ukrainian officials — Podesta said those arguments “have been knocked down by the mainstream media.”

“But I think, just like the Seth Rich story at Fox, what they like to try to do is throw dust some place else so that they at least give the alt-right media and Fox News something else to talk about,” Podesta continued.

The former Clinton campaign chairman went on to discuss Don Jr.’s now-infamous 2016 meeting with a Russian lawyer, and reports the president dictated the “grossly misleading” statement put out by his son regarding the meeting — that was later amended.

“Think about that,” Podesta said. “This is Trump family values. The kids come to the president and say: ‘Dad it’s time to come clean, we better talk about what happened at this meeting,’ and what’s the dad’s response? ‘No that might hurt me,’ put out a grossly misleading statement which fell apart within a couple of days.”

Podesta also argued that investigators “may not have evidence of collusion yet,” but the Don Jr. meeting “is evidence of intent to collude.”

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