John Sununu Trashes Ocasio-Cortez: ‘Quantitatively Illiterate’ Millenial


Former New Hampshire governor and Bush Sr. Chief of Staff John Sununu let loose in an interview with FNC’s Bill Hemmer on Monday, trashing millennials and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) in a rowdy pushback against former President Barack Obama.

The topic was two-fold, covering both Obama’s recent remarks about the Democrats needing “new blood” and an op-ed from the New York Times over the weekend pitching a Joe Biden run in 2020. Host Hemmer first played the clip of Obama before asking Sununu how he interpreted “new blood.”

“Look, if I were Joe Biden, I would tell Obama to button his lip and butt out of the process,” said Sununu, starting off feisty right out of the gate. “The president has no business interjecting into every little thing that’s happening nowadays.”

He then went into his interpretation of the phrase, and bashed that new blood.

“If Obama was referring to the quantitatively illiterate millennials who don’t know the difference between a million, billion, or a trillion, like Ocasio Cortez, or perhaps to the anti-Catholic wing of the Democratic party like [Sen.] Kamala Harris (D-CA), the Republicans are thrilled to have him stick his nose where it ought not to be,” said Sununu.

“Okay,” said Hemmer, who was slightly nonplussed.

Sununu wasn’t done, though. He spared a good deal of praise for Biden, saying he’s underestimated as a 2020 candidate, and as they moved into the question of Trump’s path forward, he dropped a few more eye-opening lines to start the day.

Trump’s “path is paved by the goals and the chaos of the Democratic party, and what will be the irresponsibility of the democratically-controlled House,” he said. “I think you will see over time they will begin to change their minds.”

“What if he doesn’t get the wall,” asked Hemmer, “is that the same as no new taxes, read my lip from the early nineties?”

He also said not getting the wall “in an odd way” would help Trump get reelected, that democrats have “a mob” running for 2020, and that they might have to rent Yankee Stadium to hold debates.

It was quite the morning jolt of an interview.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of FOX News Channel.

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