Joy Reid Blasts ‘Right Wing Vitriol’ on Ilhan Omar’s ‘Out of Context’ 9/11 Remark: ‘A Shocking New Low’


The story of remarks about 9/11 made by Rep. Ilhan Omar and the response from President Donald Trump have been a dominant topic in the last 24 hours, and it was the lead story on AM Joy on MSNBC Saturday morning.

Host Joy Reid started her show open with a clip of Omar from that same event, in which she said that “no matter how much we have tried to be a the best neighbor, people have always worked on finding a way to not allow for every single civil liberty to be extended to us.”

Reid then began her monologue. “For months now freshman Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has been the target of right wing vitriol over her criticism of U.S. policy toward Israel. But the attacks reached a new level of escalation this week, in reaction to distorted takes on Omar’s comments at a recent event hosted by the Council on American Islamic Relations,” she said.

Reid played the clip that has caused the outrage, and then returned to commentary.

“Many on the right cut, not only the little phrase, that snippet, ‘some people did something’, and used that out of context snippet to assail the congresswoman, with some Fox News personalities even questioning her loyalty to the United States,” said Reid, and played the clip from Fox & Friends that went viral and prompted a clarification from Fox’s Brian Kilmeade.

“Last night Fox News superfan Donald Trump took things to a shocking new low,” said Reid, referring to his tweet featuring a video with Omar. “Tweeting out a graphic video of the Twin Towers burning, interspersed with that single snippet of the congresswoman’s speech.”

“We’re not going to show you that video because it is so inflammatory it falls into a category where most news organizations wouldn’t even play it on TV. And yet it was released through the preferred public information tool of the President of the United States. Making it akin to an official public statement,” she said. “Many are calling Trump’s tweet and that video an incitement to violence against the congresswoman, particularly since it comes just one week after a self-declared Trump supporter was charged with threatening to kill representative Omar.”

Reid paused and stared pointedly at the camera before moving on to her panel to discuss the President’s tweet.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw also said that this week reached a “new low”, but he was referring not to the President but to the responses from Rep. Omar and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others to criticism of Omar’s dismissive 9/11 reference.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of MSNBC.

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