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Julian Castro Blasts ‘Coward’ Donald Trump Jr. Over ‘Disgusting’ Racist Attack on Kamala Harris

Former Obama cabinet official and current Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro slammed First Son Donald Trump Jr. as a “coward” for posting a “disgusting” attack on fellow Democratic candidate and California Senator Kamala Harris, and then deleting it after it was widely shared.

On Sunday morning’s edition of CNN’s State of the Union, fill-in host Brianna Keilar asked Castro about the attack that Trump Jr. posted on Thursday, and later deleted, which went after Harris on the basis of her race.

“There have been some just despicable online racist attacks on your fellow candidate Senator Kamala Harris, including one that the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., retreated,” Keilar said, and asked, “What is your reaction?”

“That is disgusting,” Castro said. “That it has no place in our politics.”

“And this is the game that these folks play,” Castro continued. “They put something out there, you notice what he did, he tweeted it out and then he deleted it, like a coward, so he could say oh, that was just a mistake, but he knows what he’s doing.”

“He’s giving voice to these racist utterances about Senator Harris,” Castro said, and added, “We need to dispel them immediately, and condemn them, and then not give them any more life because they are disgusting.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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