Labor Secretary Tells Democrats Critical of Biden to ‘Take a Step Back and Maybe Shut Their Twitters Off’


U.S. Labor Secretary Marty Walsh is tired of Monday morning quarterbacks in his own party.

During a Friday exchange with CNN’s Jim Sciutto mainly focused on the new jobs report, Walsh was asked about critics of Joe Biden within the Democratic Party.

Sciutto referenced a tweet from the Lincoln Project’s Rick Wilson, in which the vocal Donald Trump critic accused Democrats of having a “lack of discipline.” Wilson was responding to an Axios report on the high number of Democratic lawmakers who refuse to throw their support behind a potential Biden run in 2024 when he will be turning 82.

Asked if he sees criticism within the party as “undermining” the president, Walsh had a recommendation: shut your Twitters off.

“Some in my own party need to take a step back and maybe shut their Twitters off,” Walsch said, pointing to gas prices coming down slightly in recent weeks, as well as legislation like the Inflation Reduction Act currently being debated as successes for the president.

Walsh took his praise of Biden even further, claiming he’s “pulling America together,” despite his some poor polling numbers.

“It’s easy to be a Monday morning quarterback on the sidelines taking shots at the president, but he took over office with 10 million Americans out of work, he took over office with no plan on the pandemic, and, quite honestly, he’s done an amazing job in my opinion of working across the aisle and pulling America together,” Walsch said.

Regardless of criticism, the labor secretary added, many of the folks critical of Biden will “line up behind him,” should he choose to run again in 2024.

Watch above via CNN.

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