Las Vegas Drivers Worried By Bodies Hanging From Roadside Billboards

We live in trying times, my “friends.” Work is increasingly tough to come by, many Americans are mired in debt, cannibalism is on the rise, and a small, garishly painted child has her own cable TV reality show about her family’s propensity for flinging one another into giant puddles of mud. It’s no wonder, then, that drivers making their commute along Las Vegas’ Interstate 15 would assume, to their horror, that a person had actually hung himself from a roadside billboard emblazoned with the words “Dying For Work,” especially given their state’s worrisome unemployment rate.

But, as the Fox News chyron put it, the hanging body belonged not to some poor desperate soul, but, rather, a “creepy dummy.” Oh no! Which Mediaite commenter could it have been? Haha, just kidding. You’re all brilliant and adored. LYLAS XOXO YOLO CALL ME MAYBE.

Another, similar sign included the words “Hope You’re Happy, Wall St.”

The company that owns the ad space has said it is not involved, and authorities are conducting an investigation to find whomever is behind the eye-catching, traffic-stopping billboards.

Have a look, via Fox News:

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