Late Night Round Up: Hosts Mock Trump’s ‘Insane’ Accusation That Man Shoved By Police is ‘Elderly Terrorist’


Late-night hosts Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, and Jimmy Kimmel mocked President Donald Trump for accusing the elderly protester who was attacked by police officers in Buffalo for being “ANTIFA,” joking that if any plan involved getting someone’s head busted open, “I would ask them to come up with a better plan,”

Noah began by poking fun at the Senate Democrats for wearing kente cloth to honor George Floyd while unveiling police reform legislation and later went after Trump for his unwavering support of the police system.

“Yeah, Trump is so desperate to defend the police that instead of admitting that maybe they used excessive force and that none of them helped a person who was bleeding out on the ground, he turns around and blames the old man from that video for being an Antifa provocateur who busted his head open on purpose,” Noah said.  “And I mean, I can’t believe I have to say it, but that is some bat sh*t crazy theory.”

Noah questioned how anyone could see that elderly man an assume he is a provocateur trying to cause chaos, joking that the president must have seen the movie Up and think it’s about an “elderly terrorist who hijacks a balloon house.”

Colbert bashed Trump for his conspiracy theory on Martin Gugino, pointing out that the elderly are not necessarily known for being technologically savvy, let alone capable of jamming police equipment.

“Let me get this straight: This 75-year-old man is an anti-fascist, which you somehow consider suspicious,” Colbert said. “He was somehow able to fall harder than he was pushed, fake a fractured skull, and spontaneously bleed from his ears, all the while operating a secret scanning device in order to blackout all police communication equipment. Man, those Jitterbug phones are getting really sophisticated.”

“This big button is 911, and that one with the smiley face calls my grandson,” he added, mimicking an old man. “Oh, and the red one down here with the hammer and sickle starts a populist revolution.”

Colbert also debuted a fake promotional video for elderly members of Antifa, joking, “they’re slowly coming for us all… very slowly:”

Meyer’s also addressed Trump’s tweets during his monologue on Tuesday night, joking that the post did not belong on Twitter because “that kind of insanity clearly belongs on Facebook.”

Meyers then joked that all Republican senators would soon be hiding in Trump’s bunker to avoid being asked about the tweets.

“We can’t see tweets down here,” Meyers mocked. “Too dark! Oh oh, I didn’t see it!”

Kimmel also noted that 7o-year-olds are not generally great with technology, and mocked Republican Spokesperson Elizabeth Harrington for suggesting Gugino used prop blood.

“Just to recap, the theory here is that a 75-year-old man was using his cellphone to scan police communication equipment in order to black it out. I feel like anyone who has tried to Zoom with their grandparents knows there’s no possible way that’s true,” said the host.

“But our president — it takes a special kind of monster to see a peaceful 75-year-old man shoved to the ground by police so hard he bleeds from the ears and take the side of the concrete. But he does, our unfounding father.”

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