Lindsey Graham: Trump Told Me He Won’t Block Release of Mueller Report Via Executive Privilege


Senator Lindsey Graham appeared on CNN’s At This Hour With Kate Bolduan and revealed that after dining with Attorney General William Barr on Tuesday night that he expects a much more complete version of the Mueller Report to be released by the end of the month of April. He also told host Kate Bolduan that after speaking with President Donald Trump that he did not expect the White House to block the release of the report via executive privilege.

After spending nearly two years investigation charges of conspiracy and collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian efforts to interfere in the 2016 general election, Special Counsel Robert Mueller delivered his report to recently appointed AG Barr late Friday afternoon. On Sunday, Barr delivered a four-page letter to Congress that claimed that there was no crime of conspiracy with Russian agents and that Mueller effectively demurred on a decision of obstruction charges, though notably claiming that Trump was no exonerated.

As result, the releasing of the full report has become the next critical step in this investigation as Trump supporters inside the beltway (and in the media) have quickly claimed victory that Trump is now free and clear, while critics of this administrations appear to believe that this story cannot be put to bed until the public sees the entirety of the Mueller Report.

Regarding the specifics of what will be revealed, Graham claimed that as far as he knows, he is expecting the entirety of the report to be released, save portions of which that have come from Grand Jury testimony, which Mueller will advise on what to redact/omit for security reasons. Or as Graham put in plain terms “Here’s what I do know. You’ll get everything that doesn’t compromise national security or violate the law.”

Bolduan asked about an interview from Tuesday night in which Graham revealed he had spoken to President Trump, “Is he giving you any assurance that he will not be invoking executive privilege?”

Graham replied “That’s right. He said just release it.”

Bolduan followed with “Executive privilege is off the table?”

Graham replied “As far as I know. That’s what they said yesterday.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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