Maggie Haberman: Paul Ryan Criticizing Trump Shows Pattern of GOP Pols Only Speaking Out After Leaving Office


New York Times’ Maggie Haberman said on Friday that the brewing feud between Paul Ryan and Donald Trump illustrates a “pattern” showing how Republicans really feel about the president.

The former house speaker is drawing attention for his comments in the new book from Politico’s Tim Alberta, where Ryan said he constantly had to stop Trump from “making bad decisions” because “he didn’t know anything about government.” Of course, Trump has retaliated by calling Ryan a “lame duck failure” who quit Congress “because he didn’t know how to win.”

As Haberman broke this all down on CNN’s New Day, she explained that Ryan was never really that supportive of Trump and constantly had to work behind the scenes to keep the Republican agenda going in Congress.

“There were any number of times where – during the campaign – he was not with [Trump]. He was critical at points. And I think that he did less than others have in terms of trying to be warm during one setting and then, after they’ve parted ways, being critical. This is not a surprise if you were watching what was happening on the hill over the last two and a half years, especially after the initial failed vote on repealing the health care legislation that President Obama put in place.”

From there, Haberman noted that this isn’t the first time a Republican figure has put Trump on blast after leaving their position of power, saying, “There is a pattern of everyone doing this once they’re no longer there.”

“I don’t know how impactful it is after the fact,” Haberman said.

“Perhaps a bit of revisionist history,” Bianna Golodryga suggested.

“Or it might be honest history, but it’s quite delayed,” Haberman responded. “I think it’s accurate what he’s saying, it’s just, would it have had more impact while he was there versus now?”

Watch above, via CNN.

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