Michael Moore: I Will ‘Surround The U.S. Capitol’ With ‘a Million Other People’ to Stop Trump’s SCOTUS Confirmation

Michael Moore appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher and urged fellow liberals not to give up hope on the inevitable confirmation of President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.

Bill Maher began by asking Moore about the “Hail Mary” plan he supposedly had to prevent the replacement of Justice Anthony Kennedy.

“Listen, the Senate right now is 50-49. Sadly, McCain will not be able to vote, so it’s a 50-49 vote,” Moore declared. “C’mon! We’ve got to push it off til after November.”

“And I don’t trust every Democrat,” Maher told Moore.

“We’ve got to hold the Democratic seats we have, but look, 90% of incumbents are always returned,” Moore continued. “The Democrats in Montana and North Dakota, West Virginia, they’ve got to do their job, they’ll do their job. Our job is to win Nevada, Arizona, and Tennessee and they could all be won!”

Maher pushed back, insisting the confirmation will take place before the midterms in 2018, but the documentary filmmaker stressed that they need to “find ways” to prevent that.

“‘Find ways?’ What does that mean?” Maher asked.

“I’ll join a million other people surrounding the United States Capitol,” Moore responded. “I will stand there. I will put my- Bill, let me tell you something. If this judge goes through, for at least the rest of our lives, it’s a right wing court. That’s it. It’s over.”

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