‘I Want You Gone. Dead’: Neil Cavuto Reads More Hate Mail, Well-Wishes After Covid Diagnosis, Urges People to Get Vaxxed


Neil Cavuto returned to the air from a remote studio on Tuesday a week after he revealed he had tested positive for Covid-19. As he did on Sunday, the immunocompromised Cavuto urged viewers to get vaccinated against the virus. The Fox host also read some viewer messages on his Fox Business Network show on Tuesday, but saved some viewer mail and tweets for his Fox News Channel program.

Dion Baia joined Cavuto to bring him up to speed on recent viewer chatter, and it was a mixed bag of well wishes and nasty stuff.

“Heard you’re back on the show this week,” said Baia, reading one message. “That’s too bad.”

“That seems a little mean,” replied Cavuto.

“Listen to Neil Cavuto of Fox News,” read another viewer message. “Get vaccinated, if not for yourself, then to save the life of your fellow worker. Cavuto is immunosuppressed to the max and is positive for Covid. He is alive, he says, because he is vaccinated.”

Another viewer wrote, “It’s clear you’ve lost some weight with all this stuff. Good for you. But I’m not happy with less of you. I want none of you. I want you gone. Dead. Kaput. Fini. Get it? Now, take your two-bit advice and deep-six it, and you!”

Cavuto laughed and asked, “Is he trying out for The Sopranos prequel?”

Another message read, “When the asses gather, they call Cavuto boss.”

Cavuto speculated the tweet was in response to his comment, “don’t be an ass, don’t get histrionic about” getting the vaccine.

“Just please get vaccinated,” said the host. “But maybe that was a little impolitic of me to say and now I’m head of that club.”

Another message stated, “Thank you Neil. I don’t care about left vs. right at the moment. The BS politics to date have killed a lot of people. Please do whatever you can, and all of us do the same. Let’s stop as many unnecessary deaths. Get vaccinated now.”

Reading viewer mail has become an occasional feature from Cavuto’s shows. After returning from a hiatus in May, the good-humored host read one message stating, “Damn, you’re still alive?!!”

Watch above via Fox News.

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