Roland Martin Completely RIPS John Kelly’s Civil War Comments: ‘Shame On You!’


During his interview with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham that aired last night, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly called Gen. Robert E. Lee an “honorable” person while making the case that the Civil War was started because of an inability for the North and South to come to a compromise.

The comment immediately drew outrage on Twitter. This morning, CNN’s Chris Cuomo scolded the retired general, stating his remarks were akin to “bigotry being ignored and rationalized.” But Cuomo’s condemnation of Kelly seemed tame compared to NewsOne’s Roland Martin.

Appearing on MSNBC today, the journalist absolutely went in on Kelly essentially playing the “both sides” card with the Civil War. “I’m not going to allow four stars to allow stuck on stupid to simply go on,” Martin began, adding that Kelly was “utterly clueless.”

Regarding the chief of staff’s claim that the Civil War was about compromise, Martin lashed out, stating black people did compromise by referencing the Constitution. “You know what that said? if you’re a black, you’re 3/5 of a human!” Martin exclaimed.

The NewsOne managing editor also took issue with Kelly labeling Robert E. Lee an “honorable man,” noting it was an attempt to “normalize white supremacy” while pointing out a story of Lee asking one of his slave overseers to lash his slaves 50 times and wash their backs with brine.

“You call that honorable? You call that decent?” Martin noted.

He also brought up Kelly falsely claiming that Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) talked about funding in an FBI dedication speech in 2015, something Kelly said he would “absolutely not” apologize for to Wilson.

“And I will say that John Kelly, shame on you,” Martin said. “And also, you owe Congresswoman Wilson an apology for lying. Don’t you talk about honor and sacred and how we treat women when you lied to the American people and you’re not man enough to admit it.”

Martin ended the interview by getting in a parting shot on Ingraham, telling her that she needed to “read a history book” and that she didn’t know “what the hell” she was doing.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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