S.E. Cupp Breaks Down Multiple Investigations Trump’s Facing: ‘The President of the United States is in Serious Trouble’

On her show on Saturday, CNN host S.E. Cupp broke down the multiple investigations President Donald Trump is now facing.

“The walls are closing in,” Cupp began.

She continued on:

“It seems every day now, a new facet of President Trump’s life, both personal and public is being scrutinized for legal, ethical, even criminal wrongdoing, the breadth of which is really unseen in modern political history. And it’s not just the Mueller probe that the president has to contend with. Trump has proven a target rich environment for multiple agencies and offices on multiple fronts. In addition to this special counsel’s office, the president faces investigations from the U.S. Attorney’s office from the Southern District of New York and the New York/New Jersey and Maryland attorney general offices and come January, you can add the United States Congress to that list as well.”

Cupp then said this: “There are so many investigations happening simultaneously in fact, that things turn into white noise but it’s important to remember, this is not normal. Things are not okay. The president of the United States is in serious trouble.”

Watch Cupp’s full breakdown above, via CNN

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