Scarborough: GOP ‘Congressmen Are Going on CNN’ and Saying Trump ‘Too Stupid to Talk to Mueller’


MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough expressed his consternation Tuesday morning that Republican lawmakers seem so nervous about President Donald Trump facing special counsel Robert Mueller in an interview.

Morning Joe was reacting to a CNN interview in which Strong Island Congressman Lee Zeldin urged Trump not to face off with Mueller, who is leading the investigation into his campaign ties to Russia, as he could fall into a “perjury trap.”

“But that’s not a trap, that’s just lying?” CNN’s Anderson Cooper shot back at Zeldin in the interview.

Mika Brzezinski presented the clip on Morning Joe as Zeldin warning Trump to “avoid the fate of his other advisers and not speak to” Mueller.

“So this is getting even more disturbing,” Scarborough said of the lawmaker’s interview. “Republican congressman are going on CNN and saying that the president’s too stupid to talk to Mueller.”

“Well they watch him on TV, Joe, and they get concerned,” Brzezinski said.

“Is that Lee Zeldin guy really comparing Donald J Trump to George Papadopoulos?” Scarborough asked. “He’s basically saying ‘don’t do it Mr. President, Bob Mueller’s a lot smarter than you are. You’re too stupid and you’re going to lie.'”

“Don’t listen to them!” Scarborough urged Trump.

Brzezinski contended that “maybe it’s good advice” that Trump avoid Mueller.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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