Scarborough: GOP Trying to Stop Votes From Being Counted in Florida; ‘Third World Country Stuff’


Joe Scarborough believes that Florida Senator Marco Rubio is “concocting a conspiracy theory” designed to suppress votes from being counted in two very close races in Florida.

At issue is the looming recount for a hotly contested race between Republican candidate (and current sitting Governor) Rick Scott and the incumbent, Democratic Senator Bill Nelson. The gubernatorial race between Andrew Gillum and Ron DeSantis may also be headed for a recount, but we are not yet there.

Turns out that there are still a number of votes still to be counted in Maricopa and Broward counties. With the senatorial race totals only .2% apart, there is the thought that the outstanding votes that come from heavily populated districts that typically favor Democratic candidates may, in fact, tip the scales to Nelson, and perhaps even Gillum (who conceded his race Tuesday night.)

Rubio has been heavily critical of counting these outstanding votes, suggesting some nefarious work at play. Rick Scott believes also that it’s part of some dirty tricks, which has gained national attention from even President Donald Trump. 

But Scarborough and his fellow Morning Joe panelists see this story in much simpler terms: just count the votes. He went further and alleged that Republicans critical of the late votes being counted are actually trying to “stop votes from being counted,” comparing it to “third-world country stuff.”

And here is your gamified news narrative of the coming days and weeks!

Watch the clip above courtesy of MSNBC.

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