Sen. Kennedy: Some Democrats Might Not ‘Have a Soul’ Because They Weren’t Breastfed


Sen. John Kennedy criticized Democrats over their handling of the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, suggesting some don’t “have a soul” because the weren’t breastfed but instead were raised on a diet of raw meat.

Appearing on Fox News, the Louisiana senator was asked by host Tucker Carlson if he thought Democratic lawmakers were acting in “good faith” by asking for the FBI investigation into allegations the Supreme Court nominee sexually assaulted women.

“I think there are some Democrats in good faith,” Kennedy replied. “But I think some of their colleagues, it isn’t about searching for the truth it’s about winning. Win baby win. It doesn’t matter who gets destroyed.”

“These are people — I’m not gonna name names — but I’m not sure they have a soul,” he continued. “I don’t think their mother breastfed them. I think they went right to raw meat.”

“If Dr. Ford’s in the way, destroy her,” he continued. “Breach her confidentiality, destroy her kids, destroy her family. Brett Kavanaugh’s in the way, destroy him, and his kids and his reputation. And then, after calling him a rich, drunk, lying sexual predator, they criticized him for defending himself.”

“I predict that Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed,” Kennedy said. “They think he’s a smoked turkey, you watch, I think he’ll be confirmed and I think he’ll be confirmed in the next week.”

“Are you alone in thinking that?” Carlson asked.

“I think there’s some who doubt that we’re winning,” Kennedy said. “I’m not one of them.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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