Stephanie Ruhle Gets Choked Up Talking to Mother Unable to Reach Son in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is engulfed in a massive humanitarian crisis after the island was absolutely decimated by Hurricane Maria — and MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle’s emotions got the best of her at the beginning of an interview with a mother who hasn’t heard from her son in nine days.

Following a live report from Puerto Rico about the desperate situation there, Ruhle brought on Jacquie Gormley, a New Jersey woman who has been unable to reach her son since Maria hit. Gormley says her son was in Puerto Rico visiting his grandmother when the storm made landfall.

Introducing Gormley, Ruhle immediately began fighting tears as she explained that the mother is still waiting to hear from her son.

“Jacquie, tell us when was the last you heard from your son?” a choked-up Ruhle asked.

Gormley said she last heard from him last Tuesday. She would then go on to talk about the government response in the aftermath of the storm, claiming a lot doesn’t add up and wishing that everyone would put aside their political differences and realize there are real lives at stake down there.

Ruhle ended the interview by asking Gormley — who appeared a few days ago on CNN to deliver an emotional plea to President Trump — if there was a message she’d like to send to the White House.

“Please, just help,” Gormely emotionally stated.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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