Steve Doocy Warns: Joe Biden Did NOT Assure Conservatives They Won’t Be ‘Deprogrammed or Purged’ in Inaugural Speech


Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy warned viewers that, despite the clear message of unity in President Joe Biden’s inaugural speech, he did not assure conservatives that they won’t be “de-programmed or purged.”

“In Joe Biden’s speech yesterday, we did not hear much about him assuring conservatives that they will not be, to your word, de-programmed or purged,” Doocy told co-host Will Cain, adding “because, you know, we have seen that in the past and now, as America starts a new day, a new administration, well let’s hope they stop that.”

For anyone unfamiliar with some of the topics covered by Fox News over the past few days, this may read as a shocking and dire warning from the relative voice of reason on an opinion show that has catered to a very pro-Trump viewership.

The context, however, is comments made by former CBS News anchor Katie Couric, who during a weekend appearance on Bill Maher’s show said that “we are going to really have to almost deprogram these people who have signed up for the cult of Trump.”

Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson said something similar on MSNBC, that “There are millions of Americans, almost all white, almost all Republicans who somehow need to be deprogrammed. It’s as if they are members of a cult. The Trumpist cult, and have to be reprogrammed.”

Both seemed to be clear references to followers of QAnon, the dangerous digital cult which many of the Capitol insurrectionists appear to follow.

The conflation of condemning true believers in QAnon conspiracies that engaged in a deadly insurgency on the Nation’s capitol in an attempt to overturn the democratic process with 74 million Trump supporters is the clear game being played here. This neatly works to fight Biden’s call for unity and instead creates a political wedge used to divide and identify a clear demographic (and psychographic) of viewers to which commercial brands can advertise.

Doocy has recently stuck his neck out on a number of topics in a manner that likely displeased his show’s most famous fan, former President Donald Trump. For example, he was a lone voice that reminded co-hosts and viewers that there was no evidence to back up the lie that the election was stolen, he pushed back on Newt Gingrich’s now disproven theory on Dominion and has encouraged viewers to wear masks.

On the first full day of the Biden Administration, Doocy clearly warned his viewers that a de-programming or purge might be coming for them, all because the President didn’t say it wouldn’t happen. President Biden also didn’t say conservatives wouldn’t be farmed for food, so now there’s that to worry about.

Watch above via Fox News.

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