The View Suggests an ‘Intervention’ After Trump’s ‘Psychosis’ With Fox’s Bartiromo: ‘He Just Needs to Go to Losers Anonymous’

The View started the week by ripping President Donald Trump for the conspiracy theories and groundless claims he pushed in his first post-Election Day TV interview.

The panel focused on Trump’s interview with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo, who declined to challenge the president to prove his unsubstantiated assertions. Whoopi Goldberg noted this, along with GOP chairwoman Ronna McDaniel’s contradicting statements about the elections, and she made it clear, “I’m really sick of all of this.”

I’m sick of people blaming American citizens for cheating in their own elections. I’m sick of this. You’re blaming Republican governors. You’re blaming people who are saying, actually, no why would they fight against their own interests, and if, again, I will say, if the Democrats had done this, why has everybody still got a job? None of this makes any sense to me.

Joy Behar spoke next by asking “what the hell happened” to Bartiromo, but she mostly lamented the “country psychosis” from most Republicans believing Trump actually won the election. When Sunny Hostin hopped in, she bashed Trump’s “outrageous” claims about African American voters before suggesting the president needs “an intervention.”

He just needs to go to Losers Anonymous. Like, he’s really in a psychosis right now, and I’m surprised that the people around him like his daughter, like Jared Kushner, who somehow is on his way to the Middle East. I don’t understand why he has to go to the Middle East this week, but I think that they need to stage some sort of intervention at this point, because he is now damaging the Republican Party even further with all of this rhetoric.

Sara Haines kept the discussion going afterward by addressing Team Trump’s blundering legal strategy and the GOP’s attempts to undermine faith in America’s elections.

Watch above, via ABC.

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