‘This Is a Dodge!’ Kelly Tears into Dem Rep. for Dismissing Benghazi ‘Conspiracy Theory’

Megyn Kelly practically burst at Democratic congressman Adam Schiff on Thursday over his non-answers to her repeated questions on the Benghazi attacks. Kelly said there’s still plenty the American people don’t know, while Schiff dismissed the “conspiracy theory” there was a cover-up of any kind.

Kelly called out President Obama for saying in his Super Bowl interview with Bill O’Reilly that Benghazi security was lax and that he called it a terrorist attack a week after it happened. On that latter part, Kelly brought up Obama’s appearance on The View as evidence he did not. Schiff contended that Obama calling it an “act of terror” was synonymous with terrorism, but Kelly wasn’t buying it.

She kept pressing Schiff on the issue, at one point shouting “this is a dodge!” Schiff said it’s “ridiculous” to be “quibbling over terminology” and that “we’ve already had one presidential election over this, and that argument failed!” He dismissed the continued cries about Benghazi as a “conspiracy theory,” but Kelly shot back that “there’s no conspiracy theory, there’s just unanswered questions” and inconsistencies in what Obama said that have not been fully addressed.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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