Tucker Carlson Mocks Newly Uncovered Joy Reid Blog Posts: ‘Like a Prophet Calling for America First Policies’

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson devoted time on his Wednesday evening show to a blogger “who wrote them looks in retrospect like a prophet calling for America First policies at least a decade before Donald Trump entered politics.”

That blogger, he said, was none other than MSNBC’s Joy Reid, who he described as the “now totally dogmatic race-baiting MSNBC weekend host.”

He then said this: “According to the Internet archive, Joy Reid apparently posted those views on a now defunct blog a decade ago. She wouldn’t do that now…MSNBC would fire her right away for the crime of independent thinking.”

He then suggested Reid may once again blame a hacker or “do the unexpected and admit that there was a time before the revolution currently in progress when she was actually kind of smart and reasonable. We await her explanation.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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