Tucker Carlson: NBC Sources Think Weinstein Threatened Network with ‘Damaging’ Info on Matt Lauer


Fox News host Tucker Carlson claimed that anonymous sources with knowledge of the NBC News-Harvey Weinstein debacle believe the network killed the story on him because he threatened to released dirt on then-Today show host Matt Lauer, who has since been fired for a sexual misconduct case of his own.

Carlson made the comments a day after NBC chairman Andy Lack released a memo defending the network against reports that Ronan Farrow’s investigation into Weinstein was nefariously spiked to protect the producer.

The Fox News host said he spoke to a source who told him Lack’s claim that NBC did not have enough to publish Farrow’s piece is false, as Weinstein accuser Rose McGowan “specifically named” him to the network.

“They had the whole thing nailed, and they suppressed it and protected Weinstein,” Carlson said. “Now they are lying about it. We should not be surprised by any of this.”

The host went on to claim that NBC News lied about President Donald Trump’s infamous Access Hollywood scandal, accusing the network of leaking it to the Washington Post “to influence the outcome of that debate and the election.”

He continued:

“We spoke to a number of people with direct knowledge of the story and here’s what we got: Harvey Weinstein had a long and documented history of using private investigators to earn damaging information about people who threatened him. He did that repeatedly too many people. He did it to the New York Times for example, did he do that to the leadership of NBC? People close to the story believe that he did. Some within the company believe that Weinstein threatened to reveal damaging information about NBC’s then-biggest star Matt Lauer.”

Carlson said he “asked NBC about this today,” but did not get answers to his questions, which the Fox News host then levied into an attack against Meet the Press anchor Chuck Todd.

“NBC gets the biggest scoop of the year and then kills it mysteriously, of course Chuck Todd knew. What does he think of that?” Carlson asked. “Is squelching first-person accounts of sexual assault by powerful men consistent with Chuck Todd’s view of journalism? Is it ethical — did Chuck Todd ever complain about this inside the building at NBC? Why did he not quit over it? Or is it better to shut up and pretend that sexual assault did not happen in the hopes of keeping the highest paying job that he will ever have? Maybe that is the answer.”

Carlson’s unfounded attacks against Todd come just after the veteran anchor penned an op-ed for the Atlantic accusing the late-Roger Ailes and Fox News of stirring up anti-press rhetoric.

The segment ended in Carlson teasing the news — which was first reported by Mediaite — that the Daily Beast is releasing another bombshell report on NBC in the near future.

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