Tucker Carlson Says Media Performed ‘A Series Of Symbolic Sex Acts’ on Biden After Speech to Congress


On Thursday, Tucker Carlson ruthlessly mocked positive media coverage of President Joe Biden’s first address to Congress, saying some commentators committed “a series of symbolic sex acts upon him.” He also said they were acting as though Biden were “Jesus in aviator glasses.”

Among the reactions Carlson panned was that of MSNBC’s Brian Williams, who said Biden’s “use of voice modulation was rather extraordinary;” CNN’s Van Jones, who described the speech as “really beautiful” and complimented Biden on his “grandfatherly voice;” and MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace, who declared, “His connections to the people in this room – I’m not even sure all of them are deserving of them – but he does not care. He gives to them the benefit of the doubt.”

Carlson ripped into all of them.

Wait a second! Was that the President of the United States talking? No, that’s what you thought. In fact, it was Jesus in aviator glasses. What Joe Biden said last night was beautiful, beautiful. It was intimate, grandfatherly, indeed, Rooseveltian. Joe Biden spoke to the soul of America. He connected with people who don’t even deserve to be connected with. Hopeless sinners, redeemed by his voice alone. A voice that is not – and we want to be clear about this – the fading monotone of a 78-year-old man who is losing his grip. No, it’s not. Joe Biden’s voice modulates. It has the capacity to change pitch in a way that is – and we are quoting now – “rather extraordinary,” and so on.

We could keep going with this if we wanted. Cable news is a rich vein, but we will stop and return to reality. A powerful politician gave a speech last night about how he plans to change your life, so we feel obligated to tell you what he said and not simply commit a series of symbolic sex acts upon him.

Carlson proceeded to launch into an uncharitable interpretation of the agenda Biden laid out before Congress.

Watch above via Fox News.

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