WATCH: Lou Dobbs Suggests White House Tell Judge in CNN Case to ‘Go To Hell’


Clearly, Lou Dobbs isn’t happy over the news that the White House is dropping their legal effort to permanently revoke press credentials for CNN’s Jim Acosta.

The Fox Business host used a portion of his Monday night show to address the news that the White House is putting new rules on the White House press pool after a Federal Judge ordered them to restore Acosta’s press pass. Speaking with legal analyst Gregg Jarrett, Dobbs dangled the notion that Acosta’s colleagues secretly resent his acerbic style. And the anchor eventually asked, “let’s be honest…isn’t there a time where you have to tell a district court judge to go to Hell?”

Dobbs continued by bashing Judge Timothy Kelly‘s citation of an “idiotic ruling” he used as a precedent for the CNN case, and he eventually said Kelly should “get back on [his] bailiwick.” Jarrett grumbled that the ruling “expands due process beyond any resemblance of its original intent,” and he added, “I would tell the judge ‘go to Hell, we’re gonna practice the way we want, let the Supreme Court decide if necessary.'”

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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