‘You Can’t Have Peace’: Tucker Carlson Guest Goes on Deranged Rant Demanding ‘Secession’ in United States


A guest of Tucker Carlson called for conservatives to consider “secession” or a “national divorce” from the rest of the United States in a bizarre screed that received no scrutiny from the Fox News host.

Jason Whitlock, a frequent Carlson guest who has claimed that being transgender is akin to “satanic philosophy,” was asked for his reaction to former President Donald Trump’s indictment in New York during an appearance on Wednesday night. After blasting Democrats and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg as “lawless,” Whitlock cited the Bible to argue God’s will is for decent people to “come out from among them and separate.”

“That’s where I think we actually are. These guys are so far removed from the truth, so far removed from any of the values that made this country great, we cannot really have partnership with them,” Whitlock said. “And my mind went to secession, that we have to separate. We have to come out from among them. They’re so unrighteous, they’re so unclean that finding common ground is impossible with people who think men can become women.”

It’s unclear what Whitlock meant in practical terms — he declined to explain and his host declined to follow up.

Whitlock went on to claim that the existence of transgender people in American society is proof that all hope for national unity is lost:

[They] told us, “Hey, look, we just want two men to be able to get married, and there’s no slippery slope.” And that was a lie. And we’ve seen the slippery slope. Now it’s drag queens reading books to kids. Now it’s taking kids to drag queen shows. Now it’s mutilating kids and infecting them with gender dysphoria and using it as an excuse to cut off their breasts or cut off their penis.

You can’t have peace. You can’t have partnership with these people. There’s so many lies stacked on top of lies — from the whole Black Lives Matter, George Floyd deal, and “Oh, the police are just out indiscriminately killing black men, and it’s so dangerous because of the police.” That’s all a lie and everybody knows it.

We can’t find common ground with people who have no respect for the truth, no respect for justice, no respect for fairness. We have to think about going our separate ways, and whether that’s through secession or whether that’s through some sort of national divorce, it has to be on the table because you just can’t find common ground with people this delusional who think that they’re God and they can make up the rules.

Carlson politely nodded while Whitlock claimed: “I just don’t see a way to coexist with people this far removed from truth.

“I think most decent people no matter where they live and who they vote for want to find common ground,” Carlson said. “I don’t see any effort to find common ground from the other side, do you?”

“No,” Whitlock replied.

Watch above via Fox News.

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