Zimmerman Attorney Tells Piers Morgan Acquittal Could Anger A Lot Of People: ‘My Client Will Never Be Safe’

During an interview with George Zimmerman attorney Mark O’Mara, CNN’s Piers Morgan brought up the possibility of backlash against a potential not guilty verdict. Morgan asked O’Mara about “the concern that this will create a lot of ill-feeling in the black community,” and even the possibility of rioting. O’Mara told Morgan succinctly, “My client will never be safe.”

He explained that the level of outrage in the country over Zimmerman’s actions may lead people to seek Zimmerman out and take the law into their own hands. He said that people should not be frustrated with the outcome either way, because both sides have put on good cases and the jurors will decide based on the facts and evidence.

“We, as a society, black, white, everybody need to look at this case and say ‘Justice was, in fact, accomplished here, because a fair trial was held. Those who refuse to listen to that, they’re not going to listen to me or you or sensibilities at all anyway. They’re going to stay frustrated and stay angry.”

Watch the video below, courtesy of CNN:


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