View Audience Jeers Ex-Starbucks Mogul Howard Schultz Claim of ‘You Can’t Buy The Presidency’

Howard Schultz — the Starbucks mogul with a reported $3.4 billion dollar net worth who is expressing interest in an independent 2020 candidacy — does not believe the office of president can be bought.

That sentiment, when expressed Tuesday morning on The View, did not go over particularly well with the hosts, or the audience.

The statement came after Meghan McCain confronted Schultz — arguing that the lifelong Democrat could not mount a bid as independent if he were not wealthy.

“You’re a glaring example that as long as you’re a billionaire you can run for anything,” McCain said. “And my problem with politics right now is the influence of money. And — no shade to you — but you do have to be a billionaire to run as an independent.”

Schultz, needless to say, disagreed.

“You can’t buy the presidency,” Schultz said. “The American people are going to decide.”

McCain shot a knowing smirk to the audience, which jeered the comment. Co-host Joy Behar also laughed.

Watch above, via ABC.

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