Aaron Sorkin On The View: Facebook Is To Socializing What Reality TV Is To Reality

Aaron Sorkin, creator of the West Wing and writer of the much-anticipated Mark Zuckerberg biopic The Social Network thinks Facebook is bad. Sorkin appeared on The View this morning and told the ladies there that the social networking site is “divisive.”

It’s a device that’s meant to connect us, to bring us closer together. I think, and I know I’m in the minority, at minimum there are 500 million people who disagree with me, I think it’s pushing us further apart [applause]. I think socializing on the Internet is to socializing what reality TV is to reality.

And the table says amen (he got a lot of applause for this). Presumably Sorkin forgot that Elisabeth Hasselbeck got her start on Survivor. Hasselbeck meanwhile did not mention it but did say sometimes good things things have come out of shows like American Idol so maybe something good will come out of Facebook. Sorkin readily concedes this in true…particularly in the case of organizing political events, but on the whole it is perhaps not the healthiest addition to our lives. Watch the clip below. I think the lesson here is that try as we might eventually technology will make us sound like old fuddy duddys.

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