Live News Report Photobombed by a Unicorn Wearing a Tutu. Seriously.

This is the best local news photobombing ever, hands-down. WTLV reporter David Williams filed a report for Good Morning Jacksonville recently when the live report was interrupted by––and I am not making this up––a unicorn wearing a leotard and a tutu.

You’ve heard of Florida Man, meet Florida Unicorn.

Now, when I say it was a unicorn, I obviously don’t mean an actual unicorn. That would be silly. It was someone dressed up as a unicorn in a tutu! Yes, that makes so much more sense.

It’s unknown at this point who the tutu-ed unicorn was or what their purpose was, but no matter what, one thing is for certain: that is the single greatest act of photobombing ever.

Watch the video below, via WTLV:

[photo via screengrab]

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