O’Reilly Goes Off on Slashed Military Benefits: ‘Collapse of Leadership,’ ‘Hagel Must Go!’

Bill O’Reilly has been particularly teed off about military benefits being denied to the families of fallen soldiers during the government shutdown, and reiterated his call for Secretary of State Chuck Hagel to resign for this “absolute disgrace.”

But O’Reilly had some tough words for President Obama as well, saying that his “leadership capacity is in steep decline” and cited an AP poll showing he has record low unfavorable numbers.

O’Reilly said Obama could end this shutdown “catastrophe” if he would just admit that the health care law is not ready for primetime and delay it one year.

He concluded by going back to the military benefits issue, saying, “There is no excuse! Hagel must go! He’s lost all credibility among the military. And the president should order these payments immediately.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

[photo via screengrab]

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