Undocumented Trump Golf Club Workers Slam Trump: ‘He Knows How Much He Exploits Mexicans’

President Donald Trump‘s golf properties have started to use E-Verify to check the documents of their workers, leading to an increase of undocumented workers losing their jobs.

Yet, according to two fired workers who spoke to Washington Post, the Colts Neck, New Jersey club where they worked knew all along that the documents that they used to get the job were fake.

Juan Espinoza said he was shocked when the restaurant manager said he needed to have his papers in order.

“I said, ‘How?’ he told WaPo. “We’ve always told you these weren’t real papers. We’ve always told you the truth. You knew that.’”

Another worker, Abelardo Monte, also said that undocumented workers were denied benefits received by authorized workers, including vacation pay.

“I worked sick, with fevers, with headaches, with stomach pain,” Montes said, noting he had to keep working to pay his bills.

Espinoza says the whole thing “enrages” him especially when he hears the president talk.

“To hear [Trump] talking about Mexicans, and he had us working there, and he knows how much he exploits Mexicans,” the fired Trump club worker said.

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