Bernie Sanders Not So Subtly Hits Ex-Spokeswoman, Calls It ‘Irresponsible’ for Supporters to Refuse to Back Biden

Bernie Sanders

Photo credit: Scott Olson, Getty Images.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has distanced himself from one of his most prominent campaign spokespeople in light of her refusal to join him in rallying behind former Vice President Joe Biden.

Ever since Sanders dropped out of the race and endorsed his former rival, the former press secretary for the Sanders 2020 campaign, Briahna Joy Gray — along with a number of Sanders vocal supporters on Twitter — has made it clear that she refuses to follow her former boss’s lead.

Speaking to the Associated Press on Tuesday, Sanders warned his supporters that it would be “irresponsible” if they facilitate President Donald Trump’s reelection by failing to unify behind the Biden campaign.

“She is my former press secretary — not on the payroll,” Sanders told AP when asked about Gray.

“Do we be as active as we can in electing Joe Biden and doing everything we can to move Joe and his campaign in a more progressive direction? Or do we choose to sit it out and allow the most dangerous president in modern American history to get reelected?” Sanders continued. “I believe that it’s irresponsible for anybody to say, ‘Well, I disagree with Joe Biden’ — I disagree with Joe Biden! — ‘and therefore I’m not going to be involved.’”

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