Cornel West Slaps Down Trump Campaign’s ‘Far Left’ Talking Points About Kamala Harris: ‘My Dear Sister Harris is Not a Radical’


Dr. Cornel West slapped down President Donald Trump’s campaign talking points branding Kamala Harris a “far left” politician. West countered that he is a self-described member of the radical left and Harris is from far that.

“I want Trump people to know, I’m a radical,” West said on CNN Wednesday night. “My dear sister Harris is not a radical — she’s a centrist and a moderate. I love the sister and everything, but at the same time, I recognize that when it comes to serious class struggles that are going on, the class war of the bosses against workers, she’s not always been on the side of the workers. Neither has Biden. Neither has Biden.”

Trump and his campaign have argued that presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden and his running mate Harris represent the radical left, with Trump even baselessly labeling them as socialists on Wednesday.

“Kamala’s a socialist,” Trump had said. “Biden — you know Biden. He’s shot. I guess he’s a socialist. If you asked him ‘What does socialism mean?’, he couldn’t give you an answer. He has no clue.”

Earlier in his interview with West, Anderson Cooper also addressed West’s history of being critical of Harris.

“I think at one point you called her a centrist candidate that acts progressive,” Cooper said. “Do you think those who criticized her prosecutorial record, maybe her record as attorney general will be able to see past it? Obviously, right now the choices are Biden/Harris or Trump/Pence.”

“We have to be part of an anti-fascist coalition of conscience,” West said. “You see our dear sister used Martin Luther King’s language, coalition of conscience. We have to make sure Trump leaves the White House one way or another. Either by election or if he loses and he won’t leave, then some of us will have to go and escort the brother.”

“We have to tell the truth about even those we vote for,” West later added about Biden and Harris. “That’s why I don’t endorse them, I vote for them.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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